Vegetation Management

Holding of a rehabilitation permit allows for: vegetation surveys, wildlife management, monitoring vegetation clearing works and relocation of affected wildlife. The company has a stack of native and European bee hives for use in crop pollination, honey extraction and undertake removal of problem bee hives.

Vegetation Clearing Services

Vegetation Survey

TECK has the equipment to undertake Vegetation Surveying to help define the different types of vegetation in the environment. With the knowledge of TECK staff, they able to define the different types of vegetation in the environment and conduct research and monitor the situation. When conducting vegetation Surveying TECK staff clarify the ecological objectives, gather existing information and organise and analyse data.

Vegetation Monitoring

T.E.C.K has the knowledge and expertise to undertake vegetation monitoring.Monitoring vegetation involves monitoring the impact of changes in the environment.Monitoring the impact of management treatment. Monitoring changes in plant populations or communities over time.

Crop Pollination

TECK has a number of Native and European bee hives for crop pollination.Honeybees are regarded as on of the most important types of pollinates in the agriculture and horticulture industries. Our staff can provide assistant in crop pollination to improve crop yields.  

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