Wildlife Management

Feral animal control, trapping, shooting.

TECK utilises traditional knowledge to adapt management practices for cost effective sustainable outcomes in the environmental and agricultural sectors. T.E.C.K.nology has approval from the Department of Environmental & Heritage Protection for the removal and relocation of a range of protected native wildlife including; marsupials (possums), reptiles (snakes, monitors), amphibians, birds and bats.

Wildlife Management Services

Livestock Control

T.E.C.K.nology currently maintains the Bundaberg Regional Council livestock control contract  to maintain native and feral animal control in the region.

Please contact Bundaberg Regional Council customer service line on 1300 883 699 to report any injured wildlife or wandering and lost livestock.

Snake Removal

Our trained staff provide an affordable and professional on-call snake removal service. If you require assistance please contact us to speak to one of our friendly staff.


T.E.C.K.nology have a stack of native and European bee hives for use in crop pollination,  honey extraction as well as undertake the removal of problem hives.

Possum Removal Maintained

T.E.C.K.nology offers a possum removal service. Possums nest in suitable urban areas such as; roof voids, conduits, pipes, storage areas and any other dark and secluded voids. They often chew through electrical wiring and insulation as well as contaminate the area with their urine and faeces.

Our experienced staff track the possums to locate the entry points and use the most ethical and practical ways to remove them from the nesting site.

TECKnology also offer a minor repairs service to prevent the possums returning to the dwelling. We use safe methods to deter them from re-entering the site while allowing us the chance to block any entry points.

As relocation is only allowed within 25 meters from the site TECK can supply and install secondary habitats for native animals.

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